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Assignment Overview

For this assignment you will identify security vulnerabilities/ weaknesses in an application(s) or service(s) by evaluating the applications or service or operating system with various penetration testing tools/ techniques on Virtual Box.

Your task is to complete the testing with demonstration in class and write a report on the following:

1. Must complete the testing using the following two penetration techniques: Metasploit Framework and Zenmap in kali linux.
2. Install/deploy the penetration testing tool or technique victim servers on your computer or on MIT Virtualbox.
3. You are to exploit and to identify security vulnerabilities in an application; that is the process to identify essential information from outsiders like hackers or insiders who can have unauthorized access to system. This should be thoroughly presented in the report.
4. Lab demonstration: Must demonstrate and explain how each tool works in class to your instructor before week 6, and demonstration/explanation time must not be more than five minutes.
5. Report: Compile a written report of the above along with your evaluation and recommendations. The report must contain several screenshots of evidence and a short description for each snapshot that you actually did the work and introduction for each penetration tool, along with accepted references. Report length should between 1500 to 2000 words. Marks will be deducted for report length outside the give word range.

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