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ITSM is one of the key functionalities for organizations and allows organizations to achieve higher customer satisfaction, reduce delivery time, and provide service support as per customer requirement. In this assignment, students need to explore various aspects of ITSM in an organisation or a company that provides IT services and explain how ITSM can enhance business proposition. Examples could be Department of Education and Training, Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Jobs, Amazon, and HP.

The aim of this assignment is to

 Engage students with ITECH7400 material from Weeks 1 to 8;
 Encourage students to conduct independent investigation into related topics from books, the Internet, and through practical investigation.
 Understand what service management means and how it is applied in practice;
 Evaluate a practical case with respect to service management best practices;
 Understand how the services create business value in a practical case;
 Understand how the service management could be developed and enhanced in practice; and
 Plan and implement service management improvements in practice.
 Expectations and Timelines

It is expected that students will form groups of 2 to 3 members by the second week of the semester. Only in exceptional cases will groups of a different size be allowed. Each group should prepare a report that contains the key topics of Weeks 1 to 8. The ITSM report should not exceed fifteen (15) A4 sides of paper.

Students are required to prepare a presentation for their ITSM assignment. The presentations will happen during the scheduled tutorial session of Week 8. The presentation should contain 10 slides and it should not exceed more than 10 minutes.
Learning Outcomes Assessed

The following course learning outcomes are assessed by completing this assessment:
 K1. Research and discuss underpinning theories of ethical philosophy and apply these in to a range of scenarios in IT workplace and service environments.
 K3. Describe contemporary approaches to dealing with the social impact of technology in a changing IT service environment.
 K4. Appraise IT service management practices and how they assist organisations.
 K5. Debate the need for organisational change, the key influence of human behaviour and its impact on IT organisational culture in a service driven environment.
 K6. Investigate skills frameworks and develop an awareness of industry certifications relevant to IT professionals.
 S1. Evaluate cognitive and practical approaches required to manage IT professionals in collaborative global work context.
 S2. Apply the IT service lifecycle, processes and functions in an organisational setting.
 S3. Demonstrate and coordinate best practice IT service management in an organisational setting.
 S4. Utilise professional presentation and communication approaches in a range of IT workplace and service settings.
 A2. Implement and use service management processes and practices in a business organisational context.
 A3. Apply skills frameworks and develop a career plan in readiness for transition into the IT profession.
 V2. Appreciate the global nature of the IT industry.

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