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Task Description:
Based on Griffith’s Employability Framework this assessment item is designed to prepare students for “transitioning out” to a career in their chosen field.
Job Review and Employment Application (25%; 1500-2000 words; due). Via Turnitin.

For the purposes of assessment only, students are required to search on-line and apply for a position related to their career interests. This position should be the type of position students would wish to apply for upon graduation. The position should be a realistic graduate position and can be located anywhere in the world. Students should also indicate in the introduction the name of the position, company and location where they are applying. Students will be required to indicate their interest in this position and undertake “mock” job-application, including a cover letter and resume, as they would if they were actually applying for the position.

This assignment aims to assist students with the graduation recruitment process. The assignment requires students to identify a position that is currently available, and that they would consider applying for upon graduation. Students should indicate where the position was found and attach the employment advertisement as an appendix to the assignment.

Specifically, students are required to:  
1. Identify a current position (job) that they would like to apply for upon graduation (this should be a realistic graduate position)
2. Within the introduction, provide a brief overview of the position, the organisation, and where the position was found.
3. Outline your motivation and interest in applying for this position and why you would seek employment with this organisation
4. Provide a simulated application for the position, including a cover letter, (which addresses the selection criteria) and a resume/CV, tailored to the specific position.

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