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BSBINN801 | Lead innovative thinking and practice Part B | Management

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ActivIty 1- context, tools and strategy (Not more than 500 words)
1. Demonstrate and document research and reading skills to identify a range of techniques and tools suitable to use to generate new ideas and thinking, including creative thinking techniques to foster innovation in the context of the case study situation. Ensure to include both text and visual examples of techniques and tools
2. Using the identified techniques and tools, research, review and critically analyse the trends which are shaping organisation's current and future thinking and practice, including the key concepts, current theories and processes. Document your analysis, ensuring demonstration of the chosen tool in a simulated situation using your class maters or workplace team.
3. Evaluate the overall context for innovative and creative thinking at both the individual level and the collective level, including for the organisational context, and for the broader industry context. Document the evaluation, using the appropriate mapping tools and reflects numeric/financial information in complex documents.
4. Using the organisation within the case study as the context - Create a promotional tool you can use to transfer knowledge of innovation and creative thinking, noting: a) specific conditions for innovation b) issues that impact on individual and collective innovative thinking and creativity in regard to producing a new product c) innovation drivers and enablers

ACTIVITY 1- documents to be submitted

❑ Documented innovation techniques and tools
❑ Evidence of innovation tool demonstrating
❑ Documented tool evaluation (mapping tool)
❑ Documented promotional tool

ActivitY 2 • lead innovative practices (Not more than SOO words)

 Demonstrate how you would lead innovative practices in the organisation through the following activities:
1. Review and consider the different leadership styles, selecting and using a personal leadership style to use in the workplace to model positive innovative thinking and practice. Demonstrate your own personal leadership style selected, and at least three examples of how it could be used to model positive innovative thinking and practice.
2. with reference to the case study regarding innovation leadership, assess, determine and document the requirements that you would have completed to promote sustainable innovative activity for the operational context, and for the people involved within the project.
3. Devise, document and implement a plan for an appropriate means to promote knowledge transfer
4. Identify, document and evaluate the risks associated with innovation within an organisation, documenting control measures suitable to manage these risks that may have occurred during the Case Study.

ACTIVITY 2 - documents to be submitted
❑ Documented leadership style and least three examples demonstrating use of the style to model positive innovative thinking and practice.

❑ Documented sustainable innovative activity

❑ Documented plan for organisational sustainability of innovation activities

❑ Documented innovation risk analysis and control measures

Activity 3 - foster, promote, support (Not more than 500 words)

Perform the following steps to develop a culture change plan aimed at generating support for a culture of innovation. The following steps are to foster a workplace culture capable of encouraging innovation, embed innovation as an integral component and include processes of ongoing awareness, individual, collective contributions
1. Introduce and promote the creative thinking techniques, mechanism, innovative practices, processes, products and/or services which are appropriate to your audience and to the organisational requirements. Describe the Introduction and additional promotions activities, that were used.
2. Establish, document, and demonstrate how you would use, appropriate methods to capture, communicate and share innovative ideas and practices within the organisation (using your chosen case study).
3. How would you develop then initiate and foster communication, consultation and team development approaches that support Innovation? Demonstrate your findings by documenting the strategies and approaches you have developed and initiated to foster a workplace culture capable of encouraging innovation.

ACTIVITY 3 - documents to be submitted 1:1
Documented designed and implementated Culture change plan including:
o capture, communicate and share innovative ideas and practices
o Approaches to capture, communicate and share innovative ideas and practices
o communication, consultation and team support development
o Specific system and the process level mechanisms

Activity 4 - sustain innovative thinking (Not more than 300 words)
Complete the following to sustain innovative thinking and practice:
1.Develop and document strategies which make innovation an integral part of the organisational activity, apply these strategies via way of knowledge transfer.
2.Develop and monitor processes to ensure there is ongoing awareness of the individual and collective contributions to innovative thinking and practice. Describe how you would demonstrate the development processes and Identify and analyse the potential barriers and risks to innovation, devising strategies to respond. Document the potential barriers and the response strategies.

ACTIVITY 4 - documents to be submitted

Documented strategic innovation system practice (policy, procedure, template etc.) including: o Identification of clear barriers and risks o Monitoring processes to analyse and reflect the successes and downfalls of the system.

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