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BSBINN801 | Lead innovative thinking and practice Part C | Management

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You will be assessed on your responses and your abil . orally communicate. Please refer to the assessment criteria
Answer the following questions either verbally with your assessor or in writing.
1. List eight examples of the range of techniques and tools which were used to generate new ideas for products and services in your case study
2. What are four methods that would be appropriate to introduce and promote creative thinking techniques in the workplace to foster personal and team innovation? What 3 questions that you can use to achieve this
3. What are six examples of the specific conditions for innovation and issues that impact on individual and collective innovative thinking and creativity? Outline risks and barriers to collaboration
4. What are the different personal leadership styles you might consider modelling positive innovative thinking and practice? Outline at least two
5. What steps should you follow to review, challenge and refine own style and practice in relation to modelling and supporting innovation?
6. What should you consider in particular when assessing and determining the requirements to promote sustainable innovative activity?
7. What should you consider when devising, or selecting, the most appropriate strategies to implement for knowledge transfer? Are there any risks associated with these strategies?
8. In what manner should you introduce and promote innovative practices, processes, products and services?
9. Why should you establish ways to capture, communicate and share innovative ideas and practices?
10. What are the three types of approaches you will need to initiate and foster to support innovation in the workplace?
11. What are the types of resources did you identify, assess and provide for innovation to occur? Were these enablers? Explain how they helped to develop new and innovative ideas?
12. Depending on your organisation and the context in which it operates, there are a number of different strategies you may consider developing and applying to foster a workplace culture which encourages
innovation. Outline four
13. What are three strategies which could be used to make innovation an integral part of organisational activity?
14. Discuss two ways of developing and monitoring processes to ensure there is ongoing awareness of both individual and collective contributions to the innovative thinking and practice.
15. What evaluation criteria could you include when analysing and reflecting on innovation performance as ka basis for developing strategies for improvem t?

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