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BSBLDR801 | Lead Personal and Startegic Transformation Assessment 4 | Manegement

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Task – Research staff training program

You must:
• select two topics for the PD programs for the trainers in the RTO
• research what collaborative communication and learning approaches are available for trainers to undertake professional development courses for some of the areas identified in the scenario
• consider the most suitable approaches for your departmental needs, staff, work environment and available resources
• select and outline two new approaches or systems you plan to implement using an inclusive approach- example could be – online professional development courses, professional conversations, discussion boards, etc.
• analyse legislation that is relevant to this initiative

Once the research is completed, develop the findings of your research into a brief outline of the staff-training program for the senior staff of the RTO.
You must post your outline of the learning program on a collaborative communication or learning platform and seek and encourage their contributions and suggestions.
Your asessor will organise for a group of your classmates to collaborate with you and share your outline of the staff training program using an online platform such as Wiki, GoogleDocs or Discussion Board.
Your report must be prepared using clear and comprehensible language and layout and use appropriate vocabulary, grammatical structure and conventions.
The program idea must demonstrate the use of your judgement, intelligence and common sense, and must seem practicable and economical. 
You must appropriately reference your sources, using the APA 6th Referencing style. You must contact your assessor for guidance on how to reference.

Once the outline is prepared, you must:
    • evaluate this project – is it feasible? Is it cost effective?
    • describe your proposed leadership role in the project, considering the people involved and the outcomes you wish to achieve
    • describe the new collaborative relationships that need to be formed, and existing relationships that are beneficial for this project.

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