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BSBLDR801 | Lead Personal and Startegic Transformation Assessment 3 | Manegement

Home Recent Questions BSBLDR801 | Lead Personal and Startegic Transformation Assessment 3 | Manegement

Task A: Research challenges and identify appropriate leadership styles and approaches to meet them

    • Refer to the RTO you have researched in Assessment 2 and study its business/ strategic plans.
    • Read and research any challenges the RTO has identified in their plan, which will require you to lead the team members in a transformational manner.
    • If no significant challenges have been identified by the RTO, select one of the factors mentioned in the scenario.
    • Prepare a short report on the findings of your research for the significant challenge you have selected.
    • Your report should be no more than 1000 words.
    • In your report, you should consider the following for the challenge you have identified or selected:
    • What will be the impact of this development?
    • Who will be affected? Why?
    • How can organisations prepare to meet this challenge?
    • What leadership styles are required for the situation?
    • What is the role of the leader in managing organisational change?
    • What actions / behaviours/ changes are required of the staff/team to cope with the change?
    • What new knowledge, skills and capabilities are required to meet the challenge?
    • What timelines need to be considered?
    • What material resources are required?
    • What organisational capabilities are required?
You must appropriately reference your sources, using the APA 6th Referencing style. You must contact your assessor for guidance on how to reference.

Task B: Conduct a workshop / presentation to team about the challenges ahead

You have been asked by the management to make a presentation to your team of trainers and managers of the RTO, to share the findings of your research and discuss with them the challenges ahead for the industry, as well as the impact of the changes.

You must ensure that you link the RTO’s values and strategic directions to the changes in the industry in your presentation, and convey a positive message about the organisation’s willingness and commitment to embrace the change.
    • You are to prepare a PowerPoint presentation based on your research findings in Part A and deliver it to the RTO staff.
    • You will have 20 minutes to make this presentation and to conduct a discussion.
    • During the presentation communicate new ideas and motivate others to be enthusiastic about the ideas
    • After the presentation you must invite your team members to ask questions.
    • You must encourage them to draw upon their own expertise and experience and share ideas or suggestions. 
    • You must make a note of their contributions.
    • After the presentation, you must submit the presentation notes, PowerPoint slides, etc.
    • Your assessor will observe and record your performance in the Role Play Observation Checklist below.

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