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BSBLDR801 | Lead Personal and Startegic Transformation Assessment 2| Manegement

Home Recent Questions BSBLDR801 | Lead Personal and Startegic Transformation Assessment 2| Manegement

Task A: Research the following requirements for your selected RTO and write a report on your findings.

You must include your findings for each of the following areas in your report. Your report should be comprehensive and not exceed more than 1000 words.
a. State the mission, purpose and values of the selected organisation.
If the business / strategic plan does not state these specifically, you must include information based on any written declaration of the organisation’s core purpose and identifythe markets the organisation is set up to serve, and communicate a sense of the intended direction of the organisation.
b. Outline the selected organisation’s objectives, plans and strategies.
c. Determine and discuss the commonwealth and state legislative and regulatory context relevant to the RTO/ organisation you have selected and provide a brief note on how they affect the organisation’s operations.
Provide details of the sources of intelligence or information you have accessed to gather information about the legislative and regulatory requirements. These could be names and web links.
d. Research and analyse the information you have gathered from the organisation’s business/ strategic plans and other intelligence sources such as industry reports provided in your readings, and identify the requirements for the following qualities and competencies for a leader in the VET industry:
    • professional competence
    • personal development objectives and priorities
    • ability to role model
    • ability to build an effective organisational and workplace culture
    • operational accountabilities and responsibilities

You may use the readings given below for your research.
You must appropriately reference your sources, using the APA 6th Referencing style. You
must contact your assessor for guidance on how to reference.

Task B: Self- assessment

In order to prepare for your role as General Manager, you must establish if you have the skills and qualities necessary to be successful in the role.
    • Reflect on the following, and complete the self-assessment checklist provided in Appendix A:
    • skills and abilities
    • leadership style/s,
    • personal efficacy
    • self-management skills
    • Prepare a personal strategy report of no more than 800 words, in which you must:
    • Compare the results of your self-assessment of skills and attributes with the qualities and competence requirements for a leader in the VET industry, which you have identified in your research Based on this, reflect on your personal efficacy and on your own capacity to lead the team and be a role model
    • Identify two strategies you will use to create an organisational climate that:
        â—¦ allows staff to give constructive feedback
        â—¦ encourages them to receiving feedback with the open mind.
    • Develop a personal development plan, incorporating and recording your learning goals and outcomes and how you will achieve them. You must set at least three goals. You have been provided with a template in Appendix B.

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