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Assignment Trait Theory (17 marks)

1. Identify three leadership traits from the Trait Theory you feel you do OR do not possess. E.g. you may identify three that you do possess, or three that you do not possess, or one you possess and two you do not possess, etc. It is up to you. Be sure to justify your responses. Provide specific examples from your life for each trait you identify. (9 marks – 3 for each trait)
2.Identify one trait, characteristic, or personality trait which does NOT belong to the Trait Theory that you feel you possess which would help you become an effective leader. (3 marks)
3.Based on your analysis, do you feel you would be (are) an effective leader? Why or why not? Explain. (5 marks)

Situational, Transformational, and Servant Leadership (17 marks)

1.In your own words, explain Situational, Transformational, and Servant Leadership. Do NOT simply provide a brief textbook definition. Be thorough and explain the overall philosophy behind each approach. Although you may refer to the textbook, I am also looking for your own thoughts and perspectives for each of these leadership approaches (9 marks -3 each)
2.Of these three approaches, do you feel one is more effective than the others? Justify your response. (3 marks)
3.Reflect on your own experiences (personal and/ or professional) and provide one example of a time in your life where you, or someone you know, has illustrated any one of these leadership approaches, whether it be in a workplace setting or in some other setting. Describe your experience and clearly illustrate the relevance and application of the leadership approach that was used. (5 marks)

Identify a Leader (6 marks)

1.Identify a leader that has used power and influence in a harmful way. Identify an additional leader who has used power and influence in a positive way. For both of these leaders, state your thoughts on their motives for the use of power. (6 marks – 3 each)

Leadership Scenarios (15 marks)

1.For each of the five leadership scenarios listed in the table below entitled, Leadership Scenarios, identify the leadership style (within the model which is provided) that would work best in the given situation. Be sure to justify your responses. (3 marks for each scenario)

Personal Leadership/ Management Profile (20 Marks)

1.Based on your newfound knowledge and insights of leadership and management, create your own leadership/ management profile. In other words, describe what you would be like as a potential future leader/ manager. Are there any leadership theories you feel you would like to incorporate into your own practice? What would your core values be/ what would be important to you as a leader/ manager? Etc. In this section, you will identify insights gained and/ or significant learning moments from the leadership assignment. Discuss how these new learnings will help to inform your future professional practice, regardless of whether or not your path leads to a formal leadership or management role. Reflection and insight are the foundation for this assignment. Do NOT simply submit a list of definitions. Assignments focussing on definitions/ chapter summaries will not receive marks.
2.This section should be 2-3 pages in length.

Assignment Formatting, Structure, and Criteria (3 marks)

•Organize your paper into sections using the bold headings provided in the assignment instructions and be sure to number your questions accordingly. Headings should be bold and clearly identify the various sections of the assignment.
•Times Roman font, 12-point font size, formatting is consistent throughout (e.g. headings, font style/ size, spacing, margins, etc.).
•Title page is provided (contains student's first and last name, instructor first and last name, course name, due date, title), assignment looks professional, and illustrates evidence of pride taken.

Writing, English, and Grammar (3 marks)

•Writing is clear, concise, and well organized with excellent sentence/paragraph construction. Thoughts are expressed in a coherent and logical manner.

APA Formatting (3 marks)

•Be formatted in accordance with APA guidelines. You must include a separate reference page listing your sources as well as a title page (these are not included in the 6-7-page requirement for the body of the paper). Please refer to Bow Valley College’s Learning Resource, APA Formatting Guide
•You must cite ALL of your sources using APA formatting (please refer to Bow Valley College’s Learning Resource Services Page on citations: for further information).

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