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Major capital intensive projects involving several stakeholders typically present complex risks that are difficult to manage effectively. This often leads to expensive cost overrun and schedule slippages. Using the case study of the ongoing West Gate Tunnel project in Victoria,
• Briefly present the project context and scope
• Review the contractual framework adopted for the project and discuss the possible legal risk that the contract environment might present to the client and contractor.
• Identify and discuss 3 possible risks related to the construction phase only of the case study project. Detail possible consequences of the identified risks and propose possible legal instruments/clauses/tools clients can adopt to limit their exposure to those risks.

The report should be contextualised for the given case study. Do not rely on internet website only to complete this task - the report should include academic references that support the discussions and points you present.


This is an assignment that is to be completed in groups of 5 students. The assignment must be submitted as a cohesive report, not as a series of documents. It does NOT require an Executive Summary and Table of Contents.

Group Assessment and Moderation Requirements
When the assignment is submitted, each group must provide a reflection on how the group went about completing this assignment – how the work was distributed, who did what, what contribution everyone made and how the team collaborated and communicated.
NB: Group members should communicate with their tutor preferably early in the trimester if there are any group conflicts. FORMAT OF ASSIGNMENT

The report should be presented in a formal report format that conforms to workplace standards, is fully referenced in the Author-Date (Harvard - DU) style and submitted as a single A4 pdf document. Work submitted in other formats will not be marked.

Students enrolled online should ensure they read all available materials and listen to recordings of the lecture. Any materials used in seminars will be uploaded to the Cloud but there will be no recording provided. Students should attend BbCollaborate sessions as scheduled to ensure they understand the content and requirements of the assignment.

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