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Conduct a literature review of human judgements and decisions which are subject to numerous biases and best prac-tices for project risk management. Detailed instructions will be posted on vUWS.

Behavioural decision research has demonstrated that human judgements and decisions are subject to numerous biases. Accordingly, decision-making processes and risk analysis toots have been designed to improve judgements and decisions and to overcome many of these biases. However, when eliciting model components and parameters from decision-makers, analysts often face the very biases they are trying to help overcome. From a project management perspective, when these inputs are biased they can seriously reduce the quality of the project delivery and resulting outcomes. Some of these biases are due to faulty cognitive processes; some are due to motivations for preferred analysis outcomes.

This individual assignment should identify the main cognitive and motivational biases that are relevant for decision and risk analysis from a project management perspective because they can distort analysis inputs and are difficult to correct. You are also required to review and provide guidance about the existing de-biasing techniques to overcome these biases. In addition, you should describe some biases that are less relevant because they can be corrected by using logic a decomposing the elicitation task.

The submission must be a professionally written report, about 2.000 words, excluding references and appendices. Page numbers are mandatory and you are encouraged to discuss the assignment with the teaching staff and other students. You should also use headings (including main and sub.headings) where appropriate toe ectively structure and organise the various sections of your report. The words you choose for the main and sub-headings should be able to succinctly re at what you are trying to express in the various sections of the report.

Remember,the report must be written in a logical and systemic format, which can be easily understood for as-sessment. As well as content and structure, referencing correctly is equally important. Your report does not have to be overly referenced. However, the source of the information referred to in your report should be made clear. The repot should be written in a MS Word le and submitted electronically through vUWS (follow detailed instruction for submissions).

Turnitin Originality ReportTurnitin is web-based text-matching software that identi es and reports on similar-ities between documents. It is also widely utilised as a tool to improve academic writing skills. Refer to the following web link for more information on Tumitin: Turnitin is used in this unit to assist in the marking of the Professional Report. Before lodging submissions on vUWS, you are required to obtain an Originality Report generated by Turnitin, by submitting the assignment through the Turnitin system.

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