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As consultant, you have attended a conference on maintenance management strategy. You have not been able to assist to a presentation you wanted to listen to, and the topic was of great interest to you.

Research the topic, Justify the statement made in the abstract

Question 1

Today’s asset managers and asset owners need to know the relationship between the outputs of the maintenance process for assessing their contribution to the business goal. Effectiveness of maintenance and its quality need to be measured for the justification of investment in maintenance (Parida and Chattopadhyay, 2007).

Question 2

Contemporary business environment had raised the strategic importance of the maintenance function in organisations which have significant investment in physical assets. Four strategic dimensions of maintenance are identified, namely serviced delivery options, organisation and work structuring, maintenance methodology and support systems. The decision areas in each of the four dimensions, as well as the critical success factors for the transformation process are discussed. The two factors that permeate in these strategic dimensions are human factor and information flow; the latter can be made more efficient by embracing the e-maintenance model.

Question 3

Maintenance management is a vital strategic task given the increasing demand on sustained availability of machines. Machine performance depends primarily on frequency and downtime; therefore, ranking critical machines based on these two criteria is important to determine the appropriate maintenance strategy. The purpose of this paper is to compare two methods, using case studies, to allocate maintenance strategies while prioritising performance based on frequency and downtime or Mean Time to Repair: the Decision Making Grid (DMG) and Jack-Knife Diagram (JKD).

Question 4:

Process plant safety, asset integrity, reliability, quality, profitability and maintenance are traditionally compartmentalised, each being treated as a stand”alone subject. They are closely related, with common drivers of performance.

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