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Marketing performance

Performance objective

In this task you are required to review and evaluate the performance of an international marketing program. 

Assessment description

In this task, you are required to review the implementation and performance of the marketing program outlined in the case study provided. You will need to ensure that you understand the marketing objectives for the organisation outlined in the case study, and analyse and measure progress of theprogram against established KPIs. You will need to prepare a report summarising your analysis and documenting suggested improvements.


This assessment can be completed in a candidate’s own time as they work through the related topics in either the Student Workbook, or under the guidance or their assessor.

The assessment will be due for completion at the completion of Section 4 of the Student Workbook, or on advice from the unit assessor.

Candidates should:

●read the instructions carefully
●check with their assessor whether it is appropriate to use a computer for preparation and submission of the report (preferred), or if the assessor requires a manual presentation
●check your work and its requirements carefully, before handing or sending in to your assessor
●if unsure of any requirements, the candidate should consult their assessor.


You must provide:
●your completed marketing performance review and/or files (on a CD, flash drive or by email as advised)
●your assessor will advise when this assessment is due and in which format (physical or electronic) it is to be submitted.

Your assessor will be looking for:

A report titled ‘marketing performance review’ that reviews the performance of the international marketing program outlined in the case study provided. Ensure that in the report that you review the plan for the marketing program and evaluate the implementation of the plan, and report using the following headings:
●Analysis: describe any significant changes that have taken place in the market since the plan was developed and implementation commenced. Describe the impact of these changes on marketing objectives.
●Performance: for the successes and performance gaps identified in the case study, measured against the established KPIs, determine the causes and the effects of each, and describe how marketing performance can be improved.
●Review: document suggested revisions or improvements to marketing objectives based on the above. Ensure your report meets organisational reporting requirements.

Adjustment for distance-based learners
●Complete assessment as per instructions.

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