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BSBHRM506 | Manage Recruitment Selection and Induction Processes | Management

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Task 1
Question 1
• Describe common recruitment and selection methods, including assessment centres. (At least 600 words)
Question 2
• Explain the concept of outsourcing. (50–100 words)
Question 3
• Describe the purpose of employment contracts that might be drawn up. Describe the purpose of industrial relations. (Minimum of 150–200 words)    
Question 4
• Summarise equal employment opportunity and anti-discrimination principles, workplace relations regulations and legislation, and other legislation associated with recruitment, selection and induction. (Minimum of 300 words)
Question 5
• Explain the terms and conditions of employment. Provide at least 10 examples.
Question 6
• Explain the relevance of psychometric and skills testing programs.

Task 2
Project 1

1. Policies and procedures
Develop a range of policies and accompanying procedures for recruitment, selection and induction in a new organisation.
Describe the organisation and its core business then explain how and why you would analyse strategic and operational plans and policies before developing recruitment, selection and induction policies and procedures.
Make a list of the legislation and the regulations that are relevant to the policies and procedures.
Develop and list the supporting documentation or forms you will need to create, explaining the function of each. These support documents and forms should be industry relevant.
o who you will consult with and why
o how you will gain support from senior management
o what technical applications will be of benefit to the development process

Will you base the policies and procedures around the utilisation of internal staff in the recruitment, selection and induction procedures or will you use external recruitment agencies? Explain.

When and how will you trial forms and documents that support policies and procedures in order to identify any need for adjustments?

Once you have finalised the policies and procedures they will require ratification by senior management and you will need to present them to employees in the organisation. How will you do this?

What action will you take if employees need extra training in order to comply with the policies and procedures for recruitment, selection and/or induction?
Submit or upload the policies and procedures you have developed and the answers to all of the questions. (2,000–2,500 words)

2. Recruit, select and induct staff
Part of the HR function is to work with management to determine future human resources needs.

Explain in 2,000 words, how you would do this and how you can ensure that managers and supervisors involved in recruitment, selection and induction:
o comply with policy and procedural requirements
o develop and use current position descriptors and person specifications
o are given the training needed to help them perform well in the role/s
o advertise vacant positions in compliance with organisational policy and legal requirements
o follow selection procedures that accord with organisational policy and legal requirements
o execute job offers and contracts of employment promptly
o provide all new appointments with accurate advice about salary, terms and conditions
o follow appropriate induction procedures
o manage probationary employees and provide them with feedback until their employment is confirmed or terminated

How could you identify any issues with the induction process?
Under what circumstances might it be necessary to make refinements?
Assume you are responsible for forecasting recruitment requirements and filling any vacancies.
Submit or upload answers to all questions.

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