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7040IBA | Managing Digital Systems Assignment 3 | Management

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• The purpose of this assignment is to present your topic selected in Assignment 1 and the findings presented in Assignment 2 in a Business Report format.

• The report will include the most recent academic and industry literature on digital transformation strategies.


• Your report should be targeted at the Board of Directors or Executive Management group and be formatted as a formal business report.

• The content of the report, including tables and graphs, must be appropriate for a Senior Management audience.


• Cover page: Include your name and student number, and Word Count

• Executive Summary

• Introduction and background

 o Discuss the business context, the problem and the main aims of the report

• Evaluation

 o Reflect on the usefulness and limitations of the digital transformation analysis as well as any management issues identified.

• Discussion and analysis

 o Using relevant ways and approaches to explain the main issues supported by relevant citations.

 o Charts, diagrams, and tables should be also used to help explain your argument.

 o Main issues in the study should be covered, explaining the impacts of digital transformation on organisational aspects such as performance, quality of products and services, and customer satisfaction.

• Conclusions and recommendations

 o Clearly, state the main conclusions of the report and case study with some practical suggestions or solutions for your organisation

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