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Essay Title:
The Referral/Deferral Assessment comprises a Self-reflective assignment, details of which are:
" Drawing on course related materials and your own reflective learning, critically evaluate how TWO key factors/skills (from the list below) make International Business Managers effective” 
(1500 words : +/- 10%)

Description of the assignment & Specific Instructions:
1. Content
Select up to 2 (i.e. 1 or 2) skills from the following:

• The role of an International Manager (Expert or Influencer or  Facilitator or Support)
• Leadership
• Cross-cultural Communication
• Cross-cultural Negotiation
• Managing a Multicultural Team
• How to Motivate employees (include Cultural Variations) – use  only one or two motivation theories as your theoretical framework
• Resolution of Conflict
• Building cross-cultural Co-operation
• Giving Feedback

2. Factors to take into account
• For each of your chosen skill, critically evaluate its implication for  day-to-day management
• Relate it to your own personal experience – either from your own work related experience or otherwise personal experiences from any other activity
• Underpin by relevant theory i.e. use definitions from literature, quotes from authors and the international cultural perspectives to support your points
• Assess what you have learnt and any other learning requirements in relation to the skill
• This assignment is broadly similar to Part (B) of your previous one. You may therefore use elements from that Reflective report but do make sure to take into account the feedback you have been given. NO  Action Plan is  required.

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