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Graduate Attributes:

A1. Cognitive and technical skills to investigate, analyze, and organize information and ideas and to communicate those ideas clearly and fluently, in both written and spoken forms appropriate to the audience.

B2. Ability to innovatively apply theoretical concepts, knowledge and approaches with a  high level of accountability, in an engineering context.

D1. Breadth and depth of knowledge of engineering and understanding of future developments.

C1. Cognitive skills to synthesise, evaluate and use information froad range of sources to effectively identify, formulate and solve engineering problems.

C3. Comprehension of the role of technology in society and identified issues in applying engineering technology ethics and impacts; economic; social; environmental and sustainability.

E1. Application of advanced research and planning skills to engineering projects. E2. Knowledge of research principles and methods in an engineering context.

You are required to answer short essay type problems [totaling about 200 words to each question] demonstrating a deep understanding of energy sources and different methods of power generation and energy storage.


Explain the following:

● Working principles and functions of a Generator in a power system layout.

● Laws of Electromagnetic Induction and the rule which states the direction of induced

E.M.F and current.

● Mutual Induction in a Transformer along with the E.M.F equation and Voltage Transformer Ratio.


1. What is reactive power

2. What causes low power factor in Electrical System

3. How to improve Power Factor


Research and explain how in a transmission system, the stability and efficiency, and Power Factor of the system are affected by the type of connected load. Elaborate the above specifically with respect to linear and non-linear loads (like power supply rectifier, electric welding machine, or arc furnace).


Discuss the past, present, and future trends of power industry in respect to a particular country, for example, USA.


Discuss environmental impacts of power generation from fossil fuel, especially the impacts by coal- fired power plants.


List benefits of solar energy. Also explain why with so many benefits, the utility and infrastructure development of solar energy generation is limited?


Compare the accidents of Chernobyl disaster (1986) and Fukushima (2011) in relation to nuclear power generation.


Research and elaborate on the benefits of using Natural gas for power generation and substantiate with data to highlight that this energy fuel is gaining popularity in Australia.

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