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Media Industry Portfolio

The aim of the professional development assignment is to allow individual students to choose an aspect of their professional development that they would like to focus on for the semester.

This gives students a useful opportunity to develop and improve their professional profile before embarking on the search for work in the media industry.
You may choose to focus on one of the following aspects of your professional profile for the purposes of assessment:
1. Your professional media portfolio
2. Your resume and social media profile

Over three weeks of the semester we will focus in class or online on each of these aspects of professional development. This will give you an opportunity to reflect upon and plan your approach to each of these aspects of your professional development.
Once you have chosen your focus for assessment purposes, you should use the planning exercises you completed online to assist you in developing your choice of assessment.

You should complete some independent research on how to best present your chosen aspect of professional development. Keep a record of this research and planning, ether as a journal, online or as a written document.

Your completed assessment project (if it is online please provide a link);
• Your research documentation;
• A 500-word statement stating describing why you took the approach that you did to presenting your professional outcome, what you learnt from the project and what other aspects of your media skill set you will now need to develop.
You may use discussion posted online to inform your statement.

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