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Review of Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX)
WiMAX belongs to the family of wireless communication standards which are based on 802.16. This technology provides options such as Media Access Control and Physical layer. Moreover, WiMAX is used for its high data throughput, spectral efficiency, quality of service and many more advantages. In this assignment, you are going to review papers based on WiMAX and write a report. The report should cover the following topics:

1) A brief historical background on the development of WiMAX
2) Block diagram of WiMAX forum architecture with explanation
3) Comparison with other competing technologies namely, Wi-Fi, HSPA, UMTS,LTE and GSM.
4) Uses of WiMAX in present
5) Advantages and disadvantages of WiMAX

How Your Assignment will be assessed
You will be assessed as a minimum all of the following:
1. Demonstration of understanding and knowledge of WiMAX in your report
2. How you differentiate between different wireless communication technologies
3. Ability to explain the use of WiMAX in present time with advantages and disadvantages.
4. Ability to critique the papers you have read and to draw relevant conclusions
5. Correct referencing using the IEEE referencing format
6. Presentation of your report and being able to format, number equations, tables and figures appropriately
7. Timely submission of your assignment report

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