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Task Description
You are required to design, implement and playtest a simple 3D Unity game for Android mobile devices. The game should include within it clear instructions on how to play and an overall goal for the game. The game should provide an interface suited to a mobile device, e.g., touch and orientation detection. The game should include legally sourced graphics, sound effects and music. The finished game should demonstrate competency in the overall concepts from the first four chapters of the textbook, as well as implementing features from the "learning from the masters" chapters. You are also be required to write a report explaining your demonstration and the game design elements it implements.


Your game should be playtested by two of your friends. You should write a report that includes your observations during the playtesting, your playtesters' comments and your ideas for improving the game. An example playtesting protocol can be found here, in some slides produced by Valve (developers of the Half Life game series & Steam engine).

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