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Mulga Meadows is a gold mining company that operates open-pit mines in Western Australia. 

Potential sites are spread throughout the state. In addition to the quality of the deposit, issues of transportation, native title, and facilities for employees are also important considerations in determining which potential sites will be developed.

Extraction involves mining large quantities of ore that are then processed as per the flow chart below (see Figure 1)[ (It is not necessary for you to understand or deal with the entire process but you can see that there are a number of potential environmental impacts associated with this process that you may wish to consider in your model.


Create a spreadsheet to allow scenario planning for Mulga Meadows. This will require research and creativity. Your team can focus on any aspect (or combinations) of the company’s operation (such as site feasibility analysis, mining, processing, or rehabilitation). Your model wil[ Separate worksheets can be sued in your Excel Spreadsheet to address these points. A graphic with links between the criteria and stakeholders would one way to address requirements 1 and 2.]l:
1. Identify at least three stakeholders affected by the operations of the business (in terms of the sustainability criteria in requirement 2).
2. Identify at least 3 sustainability criteria, at least one in each of the categories of economic, social, and environmental performance.
a. Identify and justify where you obtained each criteria and how it is measured.
b. Provide an ethical evaluation of each criteria (maximum 100 words each).

3. Identify a legislative requirement relating to the operations of the business.
4. Identify at least four choices that will affect your criteria.

Your model should allow you to input choices and see the effect on the criteria. This will require you to make assumptions about the relationships between the choices and performance criteria that should be clearly stated and able to be adjusted.

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