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Major Report

This assignment is designed to consolidate everything that has been discussed across the semester across the three broad headings of Networking, Promotion and Entrepreneurship.

Part One – Pitching a concept
For Media Industries, you are working on presenting a portfolio and/or adjusting your social media presence. For this assignment, we’re going to focus on the business and promotions plan for your career direction.

We know that you won’t necessarily be heading into the freelance world however some of the planning tools used in this assignment will be applicable to whatever direction you wish to go in.

The task is developing a business and promotions plan for one of the following scenarios:

Documentary film:
You are a documentary filmmaker and your task is to pitch a documentary to a small production house. You will need to come up with a concept synopsis which could also include a basic storyboard (no more than 2 page storyboard).

Writing: You are an author pitching a book concept to a potential publisher. Can be fiction or non-fiction for any audience. You will need to sell the concept and perhaps include a short sample of your work. (no more than 2 page sample)

You are a freelance PR professional and your task is to coming up with a PR plan for an organisation of your choice. This can include a social media plan with some examples. (no more than 2 pages for social media plan)

You are an audio producer and presenter and your task is to come up with a podcast concept that would be hosted by a radio station’s website. They would be funding it. The choice of station is up to you however you will need to take audience into consideration.

TV/Video: –
You are a freelance video producer pitching a new concept to a TV or streaming broadcaster. The concept could be something that works exclusively online or could be developed into a TV series. You will need to come up with a concept outline which could include a basic storyboard. (no more than a 2 page storyboard)

Small Business:
You are looking to establish a small business and require funding to get it started. You will need to outline your concept and how it will be beneficial, perhaps address a gap in the media market. How will it be unique and how will you promote the business?

The idea for this assessment is to use the skills you have been working on across this semester to put into a plan. You will need to demonstrate why this is a good concept and why you are the person to deliver it.

-What is it and audience –
This is the key element of the plan, what are you looking to do or what is the product or idea and which audience are you looking to pitch to. This can also be a short analysis of what is in the market already and the strengths and weaknesses of what you are looking to do. Present the most dynamic and engaging elements.

-Analysis of broadcaster/funding body/company
– You need to show evidence of research of the organisation you wish to pitch to.

-Marketing and Promotions
– How could your concept be promoted? Come up with some suggestions for marketing.

– What budget do you need for your project? How much is your time worth? You will also need to consider whether you will require assistance and factor this into your costs.

-Timeline – You will need to provide an outline of the timeframe it will take you to complete the project or how the concept will be implemented if it is to be continuous.

Part Two – Presentation of Your Plan/Idea

So you have the document, now we are going to focus on the presentation side of things. Depending on what career path you wish to pursue, how you present your ideas will be crucial. You already have a business card (class task one). So you will need to pick one of the following ways to present yourself or your idea to potential employers/clients/funders.

How you present these is up to you – but it must be appropriate for the product/concept and the audience who is likely to see it.
-2 minute short video of you or your idea (this could also take the form of a show reel)
-7 minute pitching presentation which you will film (one camera setup, present to camera)
-A creative colour ‘brochure’ 7-10 pages long (not using powerpoint) outlining yourself and your concept etc
-3 minute audio presentation with production elements included (this could also take the form of a show reel)
You could consider incorporating this presentation into your portfolio for Media Industries

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