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This is a whole of class industry integrated Media Strategy Project working in conjunction with Australian Unity.


The written media strategy report however is an individual submission about your role in the group project and how it contributes to a larger project plan.
You are able to work as a group to complete some research and strategy on your chosen component of the project and keep a group record of this research and planning. Some things you might like to work together on are:
-Project descriptions
-Resources, logistics and budget
-Design of project components and role assessment
-Timeline and Planning
- Risk assessment
-Research and media analysis
-Quality assurance and success measures

The document should contain:
• Title of component of project;
• Names of group members;
• Outline and description;
• Research and examples from other media strategies;
• Risks and opportunities
• Implementation description
• Any tables, images, visual components that are relevant.
You will need to produce ONE strategy document each and they should outline your specific role and duties in the project.

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