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The Investor Pitch Assessment Sheet

To complete Assignment 1, you will need to assess at least two pitches from each of the nominated websites (6 pitches in total) and complete and submit a copy of this score sheet for each pitch.

Consider the Pitch in terms of the following key concepts
Covered1 Yes or No (type answer)
Plausible2?Rank out of 10 (where 10 is highly plausible and 0 is not at all plausible)
What grabbed your attention or was lacking in considering this aspect?

A description of the product or service

A focus on the pain point, the problem and the solution   

Realistic identification of the potential customers and/or end users in the near term and how they will be reached

An estimate of the size of the market opportunity to sustain growth

A description of the uniqueness of the venture compared to competitors and/or alternatives (may be in terms of innovation in product, process, business model etc)

Supporting evidence provided that quantifies the opportunity

Supporting evidence provided that qualifies the team

The industry dynamics are considered to reveal ease of entry and maintenance of control

A profitable business model is presented and how the venture makes money is clear

The financial projections detail profit and loss, cash flow and balance sheet forecasts

The money needed to fund the venture is explicit and justified

An exit strategy is planned and outlined

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