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CSM80007 | OHS Assessment 1 Task 1 and Task 2 | IT

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Task One – 2-4 pages

Q1.1. Describe which entities had the greatest ability to manage and control the specific situation and why this was the case.
Q1.2. Which three corporate entity/s and would you most likely prosecute and in what order of responsibility would you rank them?   In your answer link the defendants and the Sections of the Victorian OHS Act 2004 under which you would prosecute them.
Q1.3. State your reason for using those Sections mentioned in Q 1.2.  There may be multiple Sections for each defendant. 
Marks will be awarded only for correctly identified defendant/s and legal section/s – not for the volume of defendants.  The explanation for the choice of defendant/s and Section/s will assist in assessing your reasoning for the prosecution/s and your understanding of the OHS Act.
Eg: I would prosecute Company XXX under Section No.…… for failure to provide a safe workplace.  This is because they ………………………..

Task Two 2-4 pages.

Q2.1 Describe, the specific actions that Consolidated Constructions (CC), as the Principal Contractors, would need to undertake to satisfy the requirements of the Victorian OHS Regulations (Construction) 2017. 
Q2.2. Using the hierarchy of controls principles, describe the most effective practical and preventative controls needed to ensure this type of incident can never occur again.
Q2.3. Describe, in each Company, who will need to manage and control each of the identified corrective actions above to ensure they are achieved, and what that management and control process would look like including the evaluation of its successful implementation.

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