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Group Presentation 30%
Reflecting on the disruption that social and cultural uses of new technologies have brought to various aspects of the media industry, you will create a presentation based on a creative solution to a media industry problem.

Choose from one of the following issues:

• How can organisations engage with their customers in an authentic way on social media – and without getting trolled?
• How do groups encourage social change beyond simple ‘likes’ and ‘clicktivism’?
• How do you report the news in an era of ‘fake news’ and ‘alternative facts’?
• Is privacy pesky? Is there a need to control data use by organisations and governments?
• What is the future of ‘entertainment’ media?
• A topic you have come up with – please check with Diana first

This is a group assignment; you may work in pairs of no more than 3.
The group must give a presentation of no longer than 10 minutes.
You should complete some independent research on your chosen presentation topic and keep a record of this research and planning. You should refer to examples in your presentation, taken from the media or from library research.

You can use any resources available to add to your presentation, such as Prezi, Powerpoint, video, audio, posters etc.
This should be an interactive presentation based on a creative solution to a media industry problem. Feel free to have fun with the topic.
Criteria for assessment:
    1. Group have completed presentation that shows good use of teamwork skills and engagement with audience;
    2. Presentation content is creative, shows engagement with course content and use of academic or other examples;
    3. Assessment shows evidence of research, development and planning of Presentation;
    4. Presentation is of a high standard; well-presented, clear, good use of language and resources.

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