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To be completed with a partner.
Put the following information in the correct APA format for either referencing or in-text citation. Worth two marks each.  Use the VIU writing guide to answer.
    • An article published by Will Jones on the online news website on June 20th 2013 entitled When does it end?
    • The in-text citation for a guest lecture given by Dan Cardone on January 10, 2019.
    • An article published on entitled The Last Post. No author or date provided.
    • The reference for the source in question 2.
    • An audio pod-cast from on May 1st, 2010 by Duncan Moore entitled: Love explained.
    •  A 4th edition book written by Steve Davies published in 2014 published by Nelson entitled The Day After Tomorrow.
    • An in-text citation that would appear by the same author written in the same year as given in question 6, used in the same research paper for a book entitled X-rays are Bad.
    • An in-text citation for the same book as in question 6, but written by nine authors.
    • An online newspaper article written by Emma Smith in 2017 from the Vancouver Sun website entitled VIU Exposed.

Part 2

    • In what order do the references appear on the References page? (1)   
    • List three reasons why it is important to have references in your paper. (3)
    • According to information on the course D2L folder, when is your project considered late?  (1)
    • What is the penalty for work submitted late? (1)
    • What font size and type, and spacing will you use in your paper? (1)

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