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Section 1: Organisation Structure, Culture, and Behaviour

1. Choose two well-known organisations of different sizes for this task. The two organisations should have their origins in different countries of the world.  Critically examine the culture and structure in each organisation, explaining, with reference to academic theory and models, how each employs the concepts of structural and cultural differentiation to its advantage. You may use tables, charts, and bullet points to support your answer. Approx 1000 words.  (25 marks available)

2. What impact do you perceive that organisation structure and culture have upon the ways in which leaders, managers, and employees behave in these companies?  (Learning Outcomes 2 and 4) Approx 600 words. (15 marks available)

Section 2: Drivers of organisational Change  

1. Choose one of the organisations above. Create a PESTEL table that explains the specific drivers of change for this particular organisation. Select two or three of the key change drivers to examine in more detail. 400 word equivalent   1(0 marks available)

Evidence of Wider Reading  Your work will also be evaluated for use of a range of wider reading (beyond module content) at the Master’s level. This should be evidenced throughout the assignment.  References should be in the correct format. (5 marks available)

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