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Essay Context

BUSS 5142 Principles of Project Management commences with an overview and discussion of a range of key contexts that collectively form a body of learning in the foundations of project management.

These topics are:

• History of Project Management

• Projects and the importance of project management

• Relationship of project, program, portfolio, & operations management

• The Project Environment

• Project Management Maturity

• The Role of the Project Manager

• Project Management Methodologies

• Tailoring*

• Project Life Cycle

• Project Management Knowledge Areas

• Project Management Process Groups

Essay Task

1. Select Tailoring* and any TWO of the remaining topics listed above.

2. Critically analyse and evaluate your selected topics in terms of significance to current professional practice.

3. Identify and describe key interdependencies, implications, and constraints relevant to the selected topics (i.e. how do your three topics interact with and impact on each other?)

* Tailoring is a mandatory topic and MUST be included as one of your three selections.


Essay Parameters

• Your assignment must be structured in a conventional academic essay style, both in appearance and style of language (which must be “Australian English”).

• The essay is to be approximately 1500 words in length; reference lists, tables and appendices are not included in the word count.

• Your essay must be prepared as a single document in Microsoft Word format, sized for A4, and in portrait orientation. There are no particular font or line-spacing requirements.

• Your essay should begin with your full name and student ID, and clear identification of the three topics you have selected to write about.

• Bullet lists and tables are acceptable where appropriate.

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