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You have been chosen to put forward a proposal to Project Manage an important piece of Critical Infrastructure in Australia.  This is a project in the form of a Census data collection instrument.  You are to write a report that includes a project proposal that details the development and roll-out of a project with the following brief aims and objectives:

1. Implement an online data system that uses existing trusted mobile app banking software to guarantee each household the opportunity to complete Census data collection using a mobile device (or from a desktop home computer) 

2. The system must incorporate verification and authentication that satisfies a user’s integrity, and allows each individual the opportunity to provide information that can be trusted.

3. The system is to be developed as a public-private partnership between the Federal Australian public service and the 4 “Big Banks” of Australia (Commonwealth Bank, N.A.B., Westpac, and ANZ Bank). 

4. The Banks are to be involved both jointly and severally.

5. The Government authorities involved include the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the Australian Signals Directorate.

6. The project must include specific access for Cultural and Ethnic groups. Please consult with the ASCCEG classification for project compliance.

7. The project must include access for indigenous Australians in remote and rural areas.

8. The Project has two budgetary constraints.  The first is that the overall budget for the project is $120 million. The second is that within that overall figure of $120 million each bank will receive the amount of $10 for each valid household that uses their online system to complete the Census. Banks are therefore responsible to ensure that they encourage users to complete a household Census form using the connection with an online banking platform.

9. The Project is required to be fully operational in time for the Australian Census in 2021.  If successful your project team would be appointed in time to begin the project on the 1st of January 2020. Thus you should prepare your proposal on the basis of a 12-month project with a time-critical functional hand-over that allows for the Australian Census in 2021.

10. The project must allow for people to use Information Technology as part of a decentralized online Census application. Users should use their own BYOD approach. People who do not have access to such technology are encouraged to complete Census documents at one of the nation’s “Big 4” bank branches.

Note the following terms:   

“Big 4” Banks The term “Big 4” Banks refers to the Commonwealth Bank, The NAB, the Westpac Bank, and the ANZ Bank.  It does NOT include other banks.

BYOD-The term BYOD refers to Bring Your Own Device. In this context is assumes that most people will either own or have access to a mobile device such as a phone or a tablet, or access to a home computing device such as a laptop or desktop computer.

The term CIA refers to Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability, and underpins the main approach to Information Security.

The role of the banks: This project looks to use existing online banking technology because over 85% of Australians use online banking and trust it for the purpose of looking after their money, reliably showing activity by online banking customers, and is capable of meeting the secrecy and privacy requirements of individual Australian citizens. It is proposed that the next Federal Australian Census will partner with the Big 4 Banks in Australia (Commonwealth Bank, N.A.B., Westpac Bank, and ANZ Bank).

Things to Include in the Project Proposal and Report

The Proposal should include a detailed explanation of the workings of a Census collection system that operates within the trusted infrastructure of existing mobile banking technology. It must incorporate public-private cooperation between the public service arm of government and the “Big 4” Banks of Australia.

This assignment requires you to understand several critical aspects of Project Management

1. What are the key differences between Traditional Project Management and Agile Project Management?

2. What are the critical time path issues for Traditional Project Management in Government-driven large scale IT projects?

3. Can projects use a hybrid version of project management to successfully complete a system using both Agile and Traditional methods of project Management 

4. When government IT projects become Public / Private Partnerships – is it an even distribution of work between the public sector and the private sector?

5. What security protocols would be used to ensure the “CIA” triad was a permanent component as part of the three principles of information security? 

6. What system of data storage and data transfer would be deployed?

The report should also address the risks of collaborative large scale ventures.  Are there any recent examples of outstanding ICT project success that has incorporated Agile IT Project Management across both private and public interests?  The challenge, therefore, is to establish how Government projects (including public/private projects) can embrace both the Traditional Project management method and the Agile method, and satisfy its own regulatory mechanisms.

The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) should be listed in the Appendices at the end of the report.  The Risk Register should be listed in the Appendices at the end of the report. Any other lists or dot pointed items should be listed in the Appendices at the end of the report.  Items that are listed in the appendices are NOT included in the word count.

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