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Task Requirements

Imagine you have been hired to develop this system. Familiarise yourself with the problem description and complete the following tasks:

1.Develop a UML class diagram based on the problem description. The name of the class should be of the form MITnnnnnEmployee where MITnnnnn is your MIT ID.
a.Identify a constructor for the class
b.Identify all the attributes for the Employee class
c.Identify all the set and get methods for each of the attributes identified in 1.b

2.Write a Java implementation of the UML diagram defined in 1. In your class, include comments describing the function of the class, the name of the programmer and the date of implementation.

3.Write a Java program named EmployeePayroll with a main method. Within the main method, you will create(instantiate) an object of your implementation class in 2, and other create methods for calculating wages for the employees. Include comments for all the implemented methods.

a.Declare all variables required for calculations as class variables.
b.Include static methods to calculate the gross pay, income tax payable and the net pay.
c.Once you have calculated the gross pay, income tax payable and net pay. Invoke the methods in correct order so that when your program executes, it should be able to produce an output as an employee’s pay slip like the example below.

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