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Your group’s task is to prepare a revised version of PRINCE2 Project Initiation Documentation (PID) in response to the project scenario (provided at the end of this document). Any additional information required for submission will be included in the report template document provided on the course website.

Consideration has been given to the format of the Project Initiation Documentation. Since this is a small project, a single document is required. For large projects it is more appropriate for the Project Initiation Documentation to be a collection of stand-alone documents.

The presentation component is worth 10% of this assignment.
The presentation should be 12 slides in length and 8 minutes in duration. An additional 2 minutes will be allocated to questions.
ALL members of the group must present.

Internal students must deliver their presentation during their week 13 seminar and must submit their slides at the time of submitting their report. A hard copy of the slides must also be submitted by all groups to the tutor at the start of the week 13 seminar.

Slides presented in the seminar must be the same as those submitted to Learnonline. Any changes made to the slides after the Learnonline due date will be considered as late submissions and the group will score zero for the presentation component of this assignment.

External students must add audio narration to their slideshow for submission in lieu of presenting face-to-face.

Slide 1 should be the title slide containing the report title, date and who the presentation was prepared by (i.e. the group members).

Slide 12 should provide details of who contributed towards the presentation component (adapted as per the declaration of contribution provided in the report document template).
The other ten slides should contain the relevant content / main areas in relation the project which are listed in the following task description.

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