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Q1 (5 Marks)

Based on the Advantage Energy Technology data Centre Migration (Case study 6.1, Chapter 6, pages 206-207), generate a priority matrix for AET’s system move and provide a justification for your choices (5 Marks).

Q2 (7 Marks)

On day 51 of a project, it has an EV of $600, an AC of $650 and a PV of $560. Compute the SV, CV and CPI for the project. (3 Marks)

Based on each of these, what is your assessment of the project on day 51? Make sure you fully justify your opinion. (4 Marks)

Q3 (30 Marks)

The AoN below shows a network and resources required for each task.

a)(6 Marks)

i)Draw the AoN (not using MS Project) without considering resources and calculate ES, EF, LS, LF and Slack for each tasks. (5 Marks)
ii)How long will the project take without considering resources? (1 Mark)

b)Now take the resources required for each task into consideration (24 Marks)

i)Develop a resource schedule in a loading chart (see the example of resource-constrained projects on pages265-269 as a reference). Use the parallel method and heuristics given. No splitting of activities is possible. Assume that there are only 3 resources available. Be sure to update each period as the computer would do and as demonstrated in the Week 8 lecture. (15 Marks)
ii)Draw the new AoN for the project, showing ES, EF, LS, LF and Slack for each task. (5 Marks)
iii)What is the critical path? (2 Marks)
iv)Has the risk of being late changed? How? (2 Marks)

Q4 (28 Marks)

The following data have been collected for a British health care IT project for reporting periods 4, 8 and 12.

a)Compute the SV, CV, SPI and CPI for each period (12 Marks).
b)What is your assessment of the status of the project at the end of each period (Hint: this should include budget, work done and the % of the project complete. Remember to also consider the amount of work done for each dollar spent)? (16 Marks)

At the end of Time Period 4

At the end of Time Period 8

At the end of Time Period 12

Q5. (30 marks) Project Closure

One of the final tasks for a project manager and the team is the completion of a closure report. Your group should produce a closure report for this course. Your submitted report should include a, b and c of the following sections. Section 5d need not be included in the report but will be presented in the workshop of week 12:

30 Marks (Marks for each section below will be based on the level of professional reflection on the team’s performance, demonstration of the depth of understanding of the key skill sets required for project management, as well as the depth of thought expressed in the team answers and recommendations).

While I do not normally indicate the number of words required, I would not expect any section to exceed a page in length.

Retrospective: Team Performance Review and Analysis

a. What went right and what went wrong: Indicate your team’s successes (with reasons for them) and problems/failures (with reasons for them and resolutions if applicable). If your team did not have any failures then you can indicate the possible failures you anticipated and the methods you used for avoiding them. (10 Marks)
b.Describe the culture of the team and the Project Management structure you used including details and examples of how your group communicated. (5 Marks)
c.Think about the skills summary you completed in assignment one. Have your individual skills changed? If so, how? If not, why not? Discuss this with your team and prepare a team summary of whether and how the skills within the group have changed or, if they have not changed, why did they not change? (5 Marks)
d.Recommendations: This will be a team presentation (with Powerpoint slides) of 10 minutes in the workshop of week 12. It should be a summary of what went right and what went wrong with recommendations to apply this knowledge to future team and project work. Your team can choose either one or more people to present, but all members should be present to answer questions. The marking will be similar to that of the assignment 2 presentation. (10 Marks)

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