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You are to refer to your work in task one and work individually to do this work on potential projects for Australian Tree Corp. Choose one project that you identified during task one and develop a project plan for this project containing the sections listed below.  Please choose a different project to other members of your team for task one. Please note that this project need not be the one decided on in your report but can be from any of the identified projects.  It is best to choose a project that aligns with your university program so that you can use your existing knowledge. 

This report should address the following issues and you should include the following sections in the main body of the report.  Please note standard report structure must be adhered to.  There are standard templates available on blackboard for some sections.  The project referred to in this task is the project from the Australian Tree Corp. perspective not writing this report.

1.Project Background which includes the following sub-sections
Project Background

You need to go beyond the given case study and include what is happening in the business environment that forms the background to the project.

Project goal

This should be a SMART goal.
Project objective
Project Deliverable
Strategic alignment of project.

Alignment of your chosen project to the strategic goals of ATC.

2.Project Schedule which includes the following sub-sections
Project requirements
Limits and exclusions
Work/ process breakdown schedule

3.Risk management
4.Project Budget
5.Communication management plan.  Follow the sample communication strategy plan included as appendix A.  You need to complete a stakeholder analysis, list communication modes and justify the inclusion of each mode to both internal and external stakeholders. 

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