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What should the assignment include?

• A review of the provided plans.

• An itemized list of the tasks required for constructing the building and its surroundings. 

• A work breakdown structure (WBS) for the proposed project.

• A detailed estimate of the resources required for each activity (Labour, machinery, materials, supervision, etc.). Allocate costs to each activity in the WBS.

• A PDM diagram for the project (utilise both manual techniques and MS-Project software).

• Time analysis for the project including ES, LS, Floats etc. Comment on these results.

• A Gantt chart for the proposed project using Microsoft Project (or other software).

• A resource analysis for the project and resource histograms. Consider areas where resources may be critical and comment on an approach to leveling the resources.

• A detailed description on strategies to make the best use of resources.

• A cost estimate for the project including all relevant costs (site establishment, materials, labour, overheads, etc.)

• A cash flow analysis for the project and a cash flow diagram.

• Detail strategies to crash the network. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of this strategy?

• A risk management plan for program delays due to weather and others, resource availability etc.

The assignment will be in the form of a professional report to the project manager (10% marks).

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