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Question 1. [30 Marks] Prior to doing the question: In your team you should conduct an assessment of the following (NOTE: discussion only is required for this in order to answer the assignment questions): What are your own individual skills? What do you each want to get out of this course? What are the complementary skills in your group? Are the aspirations for the course similar or different for each member (how they are similar and/ or different?) How are you going to work effectively as a team–explain any mechanisms or team standards that you will employ to ensure the team works effectively?

Question 1a): Excel spread sheet (5 Marks)

Teams should use the Excel spread sheet in the Assignment01Instructions (teamDetails.xlsx) to identify each team member’s contact details and how the team will disseminate information, store and track documents. Also introduce yourself at discussion forum@Blackboard.

Question 1b): (10 Marks) Identify the team and your team members at the beginning of a report. Then provide a brief report identifying (i) the skills of each member, (ii) each member’s aspirations in terms of outcomes from the course, (iii) discuss how these aspirations and/ or skills are complementary or mismatched to the other group members and how the skills contribute in overall group skill. Your MS word submission for Question 1b should not exceed 1 page for each member. So if you have 5 group members, the answer will be maximum 5 pages long.

Question 1c): Agile progress report (5 Marks)

Teams should use the Product Backlog and Sprint Backlog excel spread sheet in the Assignment01 Instructions. You will need to fill in the Product Backlog regarding all work (tasks) that will be done by the team. You will then fill in the Sprint Backlog for all the work you do each week. These are required to be filled in and available in your team file exchange under Blackboard Groups Folder before the tutorial every week. They will be assessed by your tutor at the start of every week’s tutorial.

Question 1d): Blackboard wiki participation (10 Marks)

Separate groups are created in Blackboard for the teams with appropriate group numbers. Submit the answers of all the questions in this assignment in Group Wiki in Blackboard. The name of the wiki page should be like “Assignement_YY_Question_XX”, where YY will be “01” and XX will be the associated question number (e.g. 01, 02, 03 etc.).

Question 2.
[10 Marks] Find details of one successful and one unsuccessful projects and briefly review them as indicated in the instructions below. Try to ensure they are relatively recent, certainly nothing before 2015. Why does your team feel they were successful or unsuccessful? Look at the PMBOK areas of project management, at sites such as: Using reference to the PMBOK knowledge areas, identify the areas of strength of the successful projects and the areas of weakness in the unsuccessful projects. Instructions: Use web search engines to conduct a search for recent news items concerning projects. Produce a report that identifies two projects (1 successful and 1 unsuccessful). The report for each project should be approximately one half page to one page for each project. For each project indicate the purpose and level of success or failure. In your report for each project discuss the reasons you believe the project has been successful or unsuccessful. Limit the answers to this question to 2 pages maximum (excluding reference). Penalty applies if page limitation is exceeded.

Question 3. [30 Marks] You work for the Make Believe company, which expects to earn at least 30 per cent on its investments. You have to choose between two similar projects. Below is the cash flow information for each project. Your analysts predict that the inflation rate will be a stable 5 percent over the next eight years. Which of the two projects would you fund if the decision is based only on financial information? Why? (Hint: to answers this question, you should compute the NPV, ROI & Pay Back analysis and discounted Pay Back Analysis for each project)
Instructions: Use a spreadsheet to answer this question and then paste the completed spreadsheet into your final document.

Question 4.
[15 Marks] The Custom Bike Company has set up a weighted scoring matrix for evaluation of potential projects. Below are five projects under consideration.
a. Using the scoring matrix below, which project would you rate highest? Lowest?
b. If the weight for “Strong Sponsor” is changed from 2.0 to 5.0, will the project selection change? What are the three highest weighted project scores with this new weight?

Question 5. [15 Marks] NASA has a contract from Australia Government to produce 8 advanced satellites to support worldwide connectivity and telephony system for remote locations in Australia. NASA will develop and produce the 8 units and it has estimated that the R&D costs (one time cost) will be $12,000,000. Material costs are expected to be $400,000 per satellite. They have estimated the design and production of the first satellite will require 80,000 labour hours and an 85 per cent learning curve is expected. Skilled labour cost is $330 per hour. Desired profit for all projects is 30 per cent of total costs. Look at Table A5.1& A5.2 from your textbook for the learning curves unit values. Show your calculations for all solutions (if necessary indicate any assumptions or justifications required for your answers)

a.How many labour hours should the 8th satellite require? [2 Marks]
b.How many labour hours for the whole project of 8th satellite? [3 Marks]
c.What price should NASA ask for the project to cover all costs and profit? Why? (5 Marks)
d.Near the end of the project New Zealand Government has requested a cost estimate for four satellites identical to those NASA has already produced. What price will NASA quote them? Justify the price. (5 Marks)

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