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Project Resource Planning 192 – Assignment 1 | Project Management

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Assignment Part 1

The first part of the team assignment is a simple reinforcement of the scheduling you have previously learned. A link is provided later herein to some video material to assist you remember or update the information you need to complete this simple part of the assignment. In addition, you will complete this assignment in steps following each step being explained by your lecturer. Of course, the explanation of the first four steps will be an overview only because you have studied this previously. Nonetheless, it is vitally important that everyone views the video before class because there will be no opportunity to review the first steps in minute detail during this intensive.

1. Manually draw the network diagram for the information provided on the attached page
2. Complete a forward and backward pass of the network diagram you prepare to identify:
a. Early and latest start for each activity
b. Early and latest finish for each activity
c. Total float for each activity
d. Free float for each activity

3. Draw an earliest possible start bar chart version of the network diagram information
4. Using a different colour but overlaying what you did in step 3 draw a latest possible start bar chart version of the network diagram information (in other words you will have two bars for each activity in two different colours
5. Presuming the same type of human resources can be used to complete all activities, prepare a simple resource histogram for the early start version of the bar chart
6. Do the same for the late finish version of the bar chart
7. Using the two histograms you have prepared as a guideline, complete a resource leveling exercise as explained during class, moving activities within float time and notice effect on the resulting histogram. Produce the best example of resource leveling that you can in the time available.
8. Present your team approach and outcomes to the class.

Complete this exercise AFTER completing the full first intensive.

In between 1,200 and 1,500 words write a report on your experience of Part 1 of the assignment completed in class.  You can report on any topics of your choosing related to the context of this subject, but you might consider addressing at least some of the following:
• How did your group perform as a team?
• How might they have performed better as a team?
• If there were problems, what do you think contributed to them? If you are going to refer to team members, do not use names, simply call them member 1 member 2 etc.
• Did conflict arise, if so what caused it and how was it resolved, if at all?
• How would you describe the level of communication within your team, and how might it have been improved?

You are advised to check the marking rubric before completing this section of the assignment, and you are strongly advised to include at least four references in your report.

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