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Your Task:

Comment on the following report below by Skift on the engine fire aboard the Carnival cruise ship Triumph and the company’s public responses, and prepare a short essay with an Introduction, Body, and Conclusion which critiques the events described in the article below, with a focus on answering:-

1. Do you consider the conduct of the company’s leadership was ethical, professional and demonstrated responsibility, why or why not? Please explain your reasoning.

2. Do you consider the behavior of the leadership would encourage staff to adopt appropriate business ethics? Discuss why or why not and your reasoning.

3. If you were the leader of this company, discuss how you would have handled the situation, what would you have done, and who would you have consulted internally and externally?

4. What type of decisions do you think failed to be made by the leadership in this situation?

5. What do you think are the risks to the company as a result of the events discussed in this report?

Formatting for your Answer

• Please include your student name, student number and date you prepared your assignment on your assignment answer.

• Any material sourced must be paraphrased in your own words, have an intext reference, and full reference details must be presented in a Reference list at the back of your assignment answer.

• References to be presented in APA Referencing style – please refer examples at (use the ‘Back key’ to navigate between the examples for different types of documents at this site).

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