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The major policy essay provides an opportunity for you to demonstrate knowledge and skills in policy analysis, development, advocacy and implementation, although the relative balance between each element might vary depending on the policy topic. Students are also expected to demonstrate a knowledge of and familiarity with theoretical policy frameworks.

In this assignment you will select a contemporary health policy of interest to you (Refer to LEO for a possible list of topics). However, you need to choose a policy topic that is different from the topics you submitted in Assignments 1 and 2. For instance, if you selected “Safe injecting centres” for Assignment 2 then you cannot select this topic for analysis in Assignment 3. 

For this assessment task, you will analyse the policy making process - development, advocacy, and implementation. Students will be required to:
• identify and discuss the nature and size of the problem, and its elevation to the public agenda;
• examine the historical development of the policy issue;
• analyse the wider social, economic and political factors that have influenced the development of this policy;
• assess the main actors involved in advocating for and influencing the policy; and
• examine whether the policy was implemented and evaluated; and the barriers and challenges it encountered.

Possible topics will be explored during the tutorial sessions scheduled for weeks 10, 11 and 12, if required. Some topics are discouraged because they have been covered extensively in previous assignments and tutorial activities - each student is strongly urged to seek the Coordinator’s / tutor’s advice in relation to the topic and the way they propose to address the topic. 

The assignment should follow an essay-style format with an introduction, body and conclusion. Headings and sub-headings may be used to better organise and sign-post your ideas and arguments but are not mandatory. Note, use of headings will contribute to the word count.

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