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In your project, you will need to:

 1. Describe the purpose of the assignment Task.

 2. Provide an overview of the organisation, product, clients, and any other critical information.

 3. Elaborate on your client’s perspective on the different dimensions of quality as related to your product.

 4. Specify clearly your client’s needs and wants.

 5. Explain the process adopted in identifying causes for delivering the product over-budget.

 6. Devise a system to better capture customer requirements to eliminate rework (key source of rework).

 7. Develop a simple QFD’s House of Quality to demonstrate priority areas, and areas of conflicts.

 8. Discuss the relevant cost categories as related to the quality of your product.

 9. Discuss briefly the relevant input, quality, output and outcome performance measures needed to indicate that by implementing your recommendations, the organisation will be able to meet its future obligations (delivering this product on-time and within budget) ensuring client satisfaction.

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