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What am I required to do in this assignment?

Select an article published in a quality newspaper during the past month that can be identified as relating to a focused, contemporary external strategic environment (in nature this could be political, economic, demographic, social, technological, environmental, legal etc). Use this as the starting point for a strategic analysis of that identified environment, viewed from the perspective of two relevant organizations.  What are the strategic implications of what is being reported in the article? What is the wider context in terms of trends, drivers and prevalent discourse?  What are the considerations for the industry as a whole and the organizations you have selected to focus on?

Compare and contrast the position of these two organizations in terms of the strategic environment and evaluate the opportunities and threats it presents.  

What do I need to do to pass? (Threshold Expectations from UIF)

Collect and critically analyze, to an acceptable level, relevant data to identify and analyze the given strategic environment from the perspective of a real firm Select and apply relevant strategic frameworks or approaches to generate critical insights relevant to the organization. 

How do I produce high-quality work that merits a good grade?

Justify the selection of the article and articulate clearly the strategic environment identified. Identify two relevant organizations from whose perspective the analysis can be conducted. 

Produce a professional and compelling evaluation of a contemporary external environment viewed from the perspective of two relevant organisations.  Students should select organisations that offer the prospect of insightful comparative analysis – perhaps the external environment presents contrasting challenges.  Assignments attracting the highest marks will be focused, analytical and evidenced thoroughly. Presented professionally, make sure your submission is discursive, and analytical throughout and draw on a good range of quality academic sources –  especially up to date academic journals - not spurious web-based sources. You should reference properly throughout.

You will need to interpret the brief and remember that the work will help to inform your A2.  You will attract marks for good, critical analysis.  Make strategic judgments and produce a convincing case.  Organize your work and communicate professionally. Please ensure your submission is all your own work. Do not rely on internet searches.  Do not use ‘essay’ sites.

In summary, to achieve the highest marks you will need to evaluate and critically analyze.  The assignment needs focus and to provide a clear narrative, which is argued and evidenced well.  It is not enough to present a series of facts, discoveries, and descriptions - however well researched.  Try to generate good academic discussion and avoid presenting findings as a series of bullet points.  You will need to go further than just describing what has been happening strategically. 

How does this assignment relate to what we are doing in scheduled sessions?

The sessions are about thinking strategically and making strategic judgments about both the changing world around us and the capabilities of all sorts of organisations.   

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