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High Distinction Task 6.1: Propose/Pitch an Idea

In this task, you are to propose an idea or a concept you come up with, in a convincing manner. The idea or concept you propose should be accompanied by a software demonstrator or a mock-up (using diagrams). You are to write a 400-word report on it and record a video of it in action.

Submission Details

Submit the following files to Doubtfire:

a 400-word report on describing your idea/concept/solution, and your demonstrator of the idea/concept/solution; explain the use case, your purposes, the advantages and drawbacks for these purposes, and finally the functionalities and benefits your solution provides in relation to the problem/idea/concept you chose

create a screencast recording of a concept or software demonstrator you built (or a mock-up of a system) (in .mp4 format), no more than 3 minutes; the goal is to provide a compelling demo of your idea (think to convince your boss, a sponsor, or a client to buy into that solution); please post the video to DeakinAir or an online video sharing service and then provide a link to it in a PDF or as a comment


For this task, you can use a software tool to implement/build a demo of your idea/solution/concept.

If you do not use a software tool to build a demonstrator, you could also use diagrams and figures to do a mock-up of your system, or concept (e.g., a mock-up of a mobile app, an IoT device, etc).

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