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Conduct an essay plan and literature review on the essay question;

“Why does Karl Marx argue that property rights and wage-labour results in ‘exploitation’ and ‘alienation’? In your answer, additionally evaluate the account of justice that this argument presupposes.”

This research and writing exercise consist of an essay plan and literature review. The essay play will outline the arguments and structure of your essay i.e. what you want to argue, why and in what order. It should demonstrate that your arguments flow logically and should address potential objections. Note that the exercise is to write an outline and not to write a short essay.

The literature review will outline at least 3 texts (e.g. essays, book chapters) that you will draw on to answer the essay question. The review should introduce the main idea of a text, briefly evaluate it and explain its relevance to your essay. The purpose of the exercise is to demonstrate that you have engaged in independent and critical scholarly research—the idea is that you use the best, most influential or most relevant texts, not just the first three you find.

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