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Getting started...
Your literary research paper will be a paper of argument. You will defend your interpretation of a song of your choice. The song must be one that was not covered in class and must hold some literary merit, e.g., contains imagery, symbol, noteworthy diction, etc. An overall theme of the Work must emerge through the exploration of literary devices explored. (Sounds familiar, right?) All songs chosen must be approved by the instructor.

An overview of this assignment...

You will engage yourself in the process of literary research and write a 950 to 1,000-word research essay in Which you -deVelci-p- and argue a strong, succinct thesis. Your research disiljWili be assessed for the clarity of argument, logical continuity, and proper use of citations and documentation, as well as those qualities of essay writing we have worked on (and you have been graded on in previous assignments throughout the semester), i.e. content, clarity, structure, style, proper use of grammar, punctuation, and mechanics, etc. See your Rubric.

More specifically...
You will research and write about a song of interest to you (see "Getting started" above), keeping in mind that you are writing a formal essay for an intended audience (your instructor). Essentially, you will interpret a work, focusing on a particular theme and method of delivery. In your essay, you will briefly gate the focus of your paper (including titiroirvork, Writer, the crux of your   

Interpretation—!keeping in mind how we have attacked literary analysis in your previous essays!). You will argue your interpretation, integrating specific quotes from the song, analyzing those lines, and then offering quotes from outside sources to support your own ideas. Note: Researched material will NOT dominate your paper. This is your study of the song with research material integrated in your essay to support YOUR ideas.

As mentioned, your written work will consist of 950 to 1,000-word and will follow the MLA format, including proper citation within the text and a Works Cited page at the end of the paper. The Works Cited page will list 3 sources--the 2 academic sources (from library databases only) and the online source from which the lyrics came.

If you have a source in question, please, ask your instructor or a librarian for a verdict on its legitimacy. (Hint: Begin your search for sources as shown to you.)

As mentioned above, when submitting your research paper, you will turn in your first draft and your final draft.

PLEASE REMEMBER: Plagiarism means passing off someone else's words or ideas as your own. Plagiarism of any kind will result in a grade of "0" (ZERO) for this research assignment.

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