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Q. Imagine you are working for an insurance company. In the last financial year, you had 110,000 customers but the number of your customers has dropped about 9% this year to 100,000. Given the acute situation, you want to understand the reasons for this and want to investigate whether you are losing more customers in a certain segment of the market and what might be the reasons for that.

Please answer the following questions:

Section A. Assuming that you want to implement a survey design, describe the sampling strategy that you will use and explain how you plan to conduct the study (describe research population, sampling frame, sampling strategy and execution plan in detail) 40 points

Section B. To incentivise participation in the survey you are offering participants a 10% reduction for their next annual subscription. What is the minimum number of people that you need to contact, to give you the required sample size to be able to make a claim about your customer base with 95% confidence level and accept a 5% margin of error? Explain the basis of your decision and the assumptions you made (20 points)

Section C. Design a small questionnaire (8 questions) to capture questions that you could ask in this survey (40 points)

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