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SBM1300 | Research Project Assessment 1: Proposal Written | Research

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Assignment Details:

In this assignment, students are required to submit a written research proposal in academic format and give an oral presentation of their research proposal to the research supervisors, peers and invited academics.

A research proposal is a document that informs others of a proposed piece of research. Students usually write research proposals for academics who may eventually formally agree to supervise the work based on the proposal. A research proposal can be rejected as unsuitable or poorly designed and on the basis of this, a piece of research can be rejected. The proposal is, therefore, an important document; one that is worth spending some time on to get right. Another reason to get the proposal right is that this can save you time in the long run. If the proposal is well-designed, it can form an outline of the thesis to follow, and ideally, can be mapped onto various parts of the final thesis.

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