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1. The rationale of the study
(800 words) References would be needed in this section to support your arguments.
Provide a research context and issues that surround the research topic. Explain why this project is needed and demonstrate the evidence for this need. Evidence could be a limitation of a previous study on the selected research topic or previous literature that suggest there no adequate information to explain the problem or no solution exists for that problem. Think of this section as building the case for the problem you plan to investigate and define the problem.
2. Significance of the study
(up to 200 words) This section is your argument that the study makes a significant contribution to project management profession. Explain why the topic is worth studying, how it may impact policy, how it contributes to the general understanding of the theory under investigation or who will benefit from this project.
3. Preliminary literature review
(2000 words, use a minimum of ten scholarly refereed papers.)
Conduct an overview of the key literature sources from which you intend to draw. This is not the same as the critical literature review you will present in your final research paper. You just need to highlight the theories or sets of constructs underpinning your research topic. In particular, you should describe the phenomenon you are researching, the context in which it occurs, and other factors contained in your research questions and objectives.
Sources may include: CQUniversity Library texts, research journals/papers, online journals, etc.
4. Research question(s) and objectives

(dot point can be used in this section)
(Up to 150 words) Include two to three research questions and up to 5 objectives only
Define the problem in the form of research questions and objectives. You can also have one or hypotheses if applicable.

4.1 Definition of key terms
(Optional section)
Define any used term that may be vague or have a contextually related meaning.
5.  Research Methodology
5.1 Research Approach

(Up to 200 words) References would be needed in this section to support your justification. Include your research methodology diagram or flow chart here.
Research approach and data collection methods should be detailed enough to describe how you intend to answer the research questions and achieve the research objectives. In this section, you should select and justify a methodological approach to solve the problem (i.e. qualitative, quantitative, mixed method).
5.2 Data collection methods and analysis
(up to 800 words) References would be needed in this section to justify your choices.
This section should include a set of investigative strategies or methods which is considered, coherent and appropriate to the outcomes that the project is designed to achieve. Will it be based on a survey, interviews, examination of secondary data or combination of methods? And what are the reasons of choosing a certain method. If you are using a survey method, you should specify the target population, sampling plan, identification and access to participants, the methods and tools you will use to distribute the questionnaire and analyse collected data. It is also encouraged to provide samples of the survey questions you intend to ask and how the questions are aligned with your objectives.
5.3 Ethics Statement
(Up to 150 words)
Explain the ethical considerations that you will follow if you research will involve collecting data from people.
6. Team Contribution
The main areas of contributions of each group member in this part of the assignment and self-assessment of the member's contribution to proposal development.
7. Research Project Management (Include in final proposal only)
Provide the necessary project management information in the sub-sections below. This section is only needed in the final research proposal submission. Do not include it in your draft submission.

Project exclusions
Explain boundaries of your research scope (i.e. geographic boundary, sampling, etc.) The boundaries could be self-imposed (de-limitations) or potential weaknesses in the study design or methodology. Explain the rationale as to why and how you chose to narrow your study and explain what you will do to minimize the effect of the identified weaknesses.

Project schedule and milestones:
Here, you only include the list of milestones of your project. In appendices, you must include the full project schedule.
Risk register including analysis and response strategy
(Include a minimum of 10 negative risks that you may encounter during conducting project activities.)
8. References List
A complete list of cited works, as referenced in the proposal, must be included. You must refer to a well-rounded and relevant list of contemporary literature (preferably within the last five years) when justifying the need, research design, and analysis sections of this proposal. Do not include a bibliography – only those texts referenced in-text should be included in the reference list. You must use Endnote software in formatting this document.

9. Appendices
Provide the following documents within this proposal:
a) Project Schedule using MS Project including Gantt Chart
b) The draft of Ethics submission documentation including data collection instrument, consent form, etc.
c) Minutes of group meetings during the term (a minimum of three meeting records).
d) Screenshot of Endnote library as an evidence of data management.
e) Screenshots of group activities within Asana platform as an evidence of group engagement in task management.

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