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This report should cover the historical development of department stores and discount stores in Australia. Obviously you would start by defining both types of retail institutions and then describe what merchandise they carry and how they market to distinct types or market segments of retail customers. You may like to discuss mergers, diversification and downsizing that had occurred (say in the last 10 years), as well as driving forces behind the evolution of these institutions in terms of operational model, technology, marketing and the physical store. Do you think retailing will be different in 5 -10 years’ time and why? What do you think will make these types of store different? Use examples wherever possible to substantiate your opinions in the report. In your answer you also need to refer to the wheel of retailing concept, and the retail life cycle.

Assignment Structure should be as the follows:
•  Title Page
•  Executive Summary
•  Brief Introduction and background information on the retailing system in Australia.
•  Section 1: Overview of the major changes and developments in Australia’s retailing system
•  Section 2: Key drivers of the retail format change in Australia
•  Section 3: Future face of retailing in Australia and alternative retail store options
•  Conclusion and Recommendations

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