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HRMT20024 | Reviewing the Literature Guidelines Assessment 2 | Management

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You are required to compile a ‘Reviewing the Literature’ of 5 peer-reviewed journal articles.

Step 1. Select one of the options for Essay 3.

Read the Assessment 3 Essay options and identify which one you will work on for assessment 2 and 3.

Step 2. Undertake research of the recent academic literature since 2010. Identify five (5) academic peer reviewed journal articles relevant to the Assessment 3 Essay topic. These must be aligned to the unit themes from Weeks 1 to 5 (e.g. evolution of HRM, the context of HRM, industrial relations, HR planning and work design challenges in a global environment). It is recommended that you undertake your research via the online ‘search’ of CQUniversity Library. You cannot use the article from your Assessment 1 presentation for Assessment 2.

Step 3. Write 500 words on each article (500 x 5= 2500 words)

For each journal article, write to the headings in the template. These include:

• full reference

• outline of research objective and research question

• outline of the method

• discussion of the findings

• summary of the conclusions

• indication of how this will be relevant for your Essay 3. Place each article on a new page.

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