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CMM92001 | Risk and Resilience Engineering Assignment 4 | Engineering

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Part 1: Digital Information Poster


1. Identify a risk you can see in ordinary life that is related to Assignments 2 and 3.

2. Categorise the risk into one or any of the following categories:

 - Environmental

 - Structural

 - Mechanical

 - Electrical

3. Provide relevant citations and a connection/comparison to a similar/same risk and or incident(s)

4. The content must also include the following:

 - Annotated image(s) exhibiting the nature of the risk

 - Diagrams and explanations on how the risk can be mitigated or eliminated. HINT: Use of relevant swim lanes, flow charts and or fishbone diagrams are encouraged.

 - The poster must contain full student details in the header and footer in the following format: (Full Name_Student ID), footer (Unit Code_Unit Name).

 Suggested Slide Layout.

Be creative on conveying the information however the following information is required.

1st Slide is to contain the SCU Student Cover Page. 

2nd Slide is to contain the main assignment content.

3rd Slide is to contain a full Reference List in SCU Harvard format.

Additional Requirements:

SCU Coversheet: This is the cover sheet that SCU requires all students to place on the front of all Assignments. Make this cover sheet is the 1st slide on your Assignment Poster.

Header & Footer: The Header must contain your name and your student number. The Footer must contain the Unit number i.e. CMM92001 and the page number (Page numbering commences after the title page), your full name and your student number (first name, second name, student number). You must save your Word document as your first name last name and student number. For example, Fred_Smith_12345.

Academic References: For the purposes of this report you will need to provide a minimum of 5 Academic References that you need to connect to Risk Management and Resilience in Engineering. Failure to provide a minimum of 5 references will incur a max 40% mark of this portion of the assignment


Part 2: Audio Recording

Record a 5-minute (Max 10 minute) Audio file of yourself presenting your poster. As an Engineering Manager in the industry, there will be scenarios where you will be required to undertake briefings on safety issues and these briefings will be presented to a wide variety of audiences such as executives, project team members, technical and trade staff and general public members. The intention of this recording is to give students an opportunity to further develop their public speaking skills and ability to provide information in a technical and non- technical manner.


1. We will be using PowerPoint for the Audio Presentation. You are to embed an audio recording for each slide you create to explain the slide.

2. The presentation should be formal.

3. You need to clearly outline and illustrate your digital poster in the audio recording(s).

4. You need to cover the background of the case, risk(s) identified and the measures in your presentation.

5. You need to cover the mitigations and intended outcomes.

6. Failure to include the audio recording will result in a maximum 40% overall mark for this assignment.

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